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a brown and black airedale terrier dog
A Black and Brown Airedale Terrier
a rare black airedale dog
A rare Black Airedale Terrier Dog
rare red airedale terrier dog
A very rare Red Airedale Terrier dog

Welcome to the Tenkiller Airedale Website

Specializing in Black and Tan Airedales, Rare Black Airedale Terrier Dogs and Puppies, and Rare Red Airedale Terrier Dogs and Puppies

Tenkiller Airedales is located in Deming, New Mexico.  I live in a border town 30 miles North of Mexico on the Continental Divide.  I ship out of El Paso, TX.  I Breed Black and Tan Airedale Terriers, as well as Rare Black Airedales, and soon Extremely Rare Red Airedale Terriers.  The Rare Black and Extremely Rare Red Airedale are a purebred Airedale and not a cross with Labs, Poodles, or other Terrier breeds. There is DNA certification for both of these Rare colors on file.  AKC will not accept Rare Blacks or Extremely Rare Reds on coloration alone.  I’m registered with a small prestigious club out of Hattiesburg, MS called SKC (States Kennel Club) as well as APRI (American Pet Registry, Inc.).  My Black and Tan Airedales are AKC/SKC/APRI registered. 

I am not a large kennel, but a serious “hobbyist” and will only breed 3- 4 litters a year. My motto is “excellence in breeding.”  Five of my Airedales live in the house with me full-time, and the others prefer the outside kennels.  All the Airedale Terrier puppies are born in my house nursery where they stay until 5 weeks of age.  Then they are moved to the outside nursery, weather permitting.  They come fully socialized, lovingly hand-handled from the beginning, producing Airedale Terrier dogs that are personable and easy to train.  My goal is to produce healthy and intelligent Airedale puppies that are bred for temperament, while maintaining the Airedale Terrier standards and optimum health. I have found that my profession as a Neonatal Nurse Practitioner has more than equipped me to be a breeder of quality and health especially in meeting the puppies “individual” needs.  One of the techniques that I use with the Puppies from birth is the TellingtonTTouch Massage Therapy. 

The second technique that I am now using is the Early Neurological Stimulation that is used to develop "High Achievers." This technique is presently being used by the U.S. Military in their canine program. This program is referred to as "Bio Sensor," but in the public realm as the "Super Dog" Program.  This neurological stimulation is done from day three of life to day seventeen.  There are at least five benefits that have been observed from this.  These benefits are noted in improved cardio vascular performance, stronger heart beats, stronger adrenal glands, more tolerance to stress and greater resistance to disease (boosts the immune system).

Please note that I do NOT let the puppies leave the litter until they are a full (8) weeks of age.

I have multiple references concerning Airedale Terrier puppies from past litters that I have placed in “great” homes, and are available to you upon request.  My references are from happy and satisfied customers.  I would like to do the same for you. 

A “little” Airedale Terrier History

As you have probably read by now in your “Airedale” search, that these dogs are known to be the largest of the Terrier breed.  Airedales are often referred to as the “King of Terriers.”  The Airedales origin is actually dated back to the mid 1800’s.  It is believed that they were developed by the result of the cross of the Otter hound and the now extinct Black and Tan Terriers.  They were originally developed in the Valley of the River Aire in South Yorkshire, England.  Early on these “crosses” were referred to as Working, Waterside, or Bingly Terriers.  These dogs were used in hunting fox, badger, weasel, otter, river rats, etc.  Today the Airedale is not only used in the area of hunting (even bear and cougar) and tracking, but are used as working with livestock, as service dogs, in search/rescue/recover, border patrol as drug dogs, police dogs, as well as wonderful household companions.  Let’s not forget the Airedale Terrier's valuable use in the military as well. 

A “little” Black and Red Airedale Terrier History

No one is quite sure as to when the “Black” or “Red” factor began.  However, it is believed that the genetic factor for the red/rust/tan coloring was completely blocked-out, resulting in the solid Black Airedale Terrier or the Extremely Rare Red Airedale Terrier.  There has been extensive DNA research done on the pedigree of the Old Mt. View and Mooreland lines that the Blacks have originated out of.  The result is that the DNA of the Rare Black Airedale is the same as the Black and Tan, as well as the Extremely Rare Red Airedale.  The only variance to the Airedale breed “standards” with the Black or Red is the coat color.  Often red highlights are seen in the mustache or beard of the solid Black.  Occasionally, some Black Airedales show some or even a lot of (white hair) “gristling”.  This is acceptable in the line be it Black and Tan, Rare Black, or Extremely Rare Red.  Again, AKC doesn’t recognize solid Blacks or Reds, or Black and Tans out of one of these litters.  They are usually registered with ATR (World Wide Airedale Terrier Registry), CKC, UKC, APRI, etc.  It is also noted that there really are two kinds of “coats” of hair.  The preferred is the coarse wire-haired Airedale.  There is also a “softer” coat Airedale.  It is also know that Airedale Terriers shed very little to none.

What’s’ In A Size?

Because there is becoming a greater demand for the large and extra-large Airedale Terrier, there is somewhat of a departure in preference from the standard “AKC” sizing today.   Today there are actually “3” sizes of Airedales on the market. The “AKC” standard size is 45 – 58 pounds and approximately 23 inches in height to the withers.  The large size today is 60 – 75 pounds and approximately 24-26 inches in height to the withers.  The extra-large is 80 – 100 plus pounds, and 26 – 29 inches or above in height to the withers.  Our Airedale Terrier dogs tend to run in the large to extra-large range.  You should note that in buying an Airedale Terrier “outside” of the AKC standard sizing specifications automatically eliminates this dog from competing in the Show Ring.

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